November 12, 2019
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Play Hard: Don't meth it up!
Like getting outside to play ball? Think meth won't mess with you? Think again:

  • Meth users have jumpy eyes: Their eyes jump around and flit from side to side... No good for spotting an incoming fastball!
  • Meth users have a loss of interest in normal activities, food, water and batting practice. Hard to stay sharp that way!
  • Meth users experience severe symptoms of sleep deprivation: hallucinations, delusions, extreme paranoia and violent outbursts. That kind of stuff is out of bounds!
  • Stay sharp, stay away from meth!

Be a winner: Eat Smart!
When you play a sport, you make sure you have the equipment you need: a glove for baseball, cleats for soccer, and high-tops for basketball. You couldn't play the game very well without this gear. But how do you help your game from the inside out?

The right foods and drinks can help you be a better athlete. Professional athletes know this is true. In fact, many professional teams employ dietitians and nutritionists — people who know a lot about healthy eating — to help players choose the best foods. Kid athletes can use nutrition to their advantage, just like the pros!

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